Retro Replica IWC Marine Watches Bringing To Experience Flies Of Time

Bronze is one valuable material applied in watchmaking to present retro atmosphere that is recent fashion trend. So a lot of new copy watches with Swiss movements widely use this rare material. In addition, the production of bronze watches is less, so these watches must be limited. Naturally these watches are all popular.

Replica IWC watches with black dials are full of depth.
Bronze Cases IWC Replica Watches

This is the first bronze watch of excellent IWC Marine fake Watches. Made of bronze case, inspired by the famous Darwin research ship-HMS Berger’s shipbuilding material – copper, this watch is quite meaningful. Pure copper is soft, and IWC’s high-tech bronze is made of copper and aluminum alloys. It has a high hardness, wear resistance and chemical stability. Naturally, this watch must be valuable due to limited numbers.

Replica IWC watches with black dials have retro feelings.
Copy Watches With Black Rubber Straps

IWC replica watches with black dials are pursued by most of people. Wearing in the wrist for a long time, you can feel the changes of watches. And with time goes by, bronze will gradually appear oxidation stain. Every watch becomes unique that only belongs to you.

A Recommendation Of Two Replica IWC Watches With Moonphase Display

For thousands of years, people have never ceased to pursue and yearn for the bright moon in the sky. People are always full of reverie and imagination for the back and forth of profit and loss of the moon. So, here, I’d like to recommend you several watches with moonphase.

Black Dial Replica IWC Pilot Watches

For the delicate design and complicated functions, this replica IWC watch also becomes one of the most popular timepieces.
White Scale Replica IWC

For this replica IWC Pilot watch, that equips with 51614 self-winding movement, with 168 hours power reserve. With ceramic and titanium case matching the black dial, adopting the Arabic numerals scale, the whole fake IWC watch presents a classical appearance. And upon the black dial, this complicated replica IWC Pilot watch not only features the moonphas display, also with date, month display, directly showing the practical functions.

White Dial Replica IWC Portugieser Watches

Except the wonderful moonphase display, this fake IWC watch also presents an eye-catching appearance with vinatege feeling.
Brown Strap Fake IWC

This replica IWC watch also carries the eye-catching moonphase display and comparing the above one, just seeing from the appearance, with the combination of rose gold and brown, this rose gold case fake IWC more eye-catching. Seeing from the overall design, with the perfect combination of delicate moonphase and complicated functions, this one can be said as a good choice.

Outstanding Replica IWC Watches Directly Show Enchantment Of Technology

The watch is the crystallization of mechanical technology which depends on each moving machine to realize the measurement of time. During the watchmaking process, that would hide the screws and holes to ensure the perfect appearance, so as these fake IWC Ingenieur watches.

White Scale Replica IWC IW322503 Watches

Decorating with the white scale and pointers, this all-black replica IWC watch shows a clear time display.
Luminous Pointers Replica IWC

With black ceramic case matching cool black strap, also with black decorating with white scale and pointers, the whole classical fake IWC Ingenieur watch presents a classical and elegant appearance design. In addition to this, that also carries a reliable and accurate 80110 self-winding movement, with 44 hours power reserve. Adding 120m waterproof function, this fake IWC watch is enough for the daily life.

Grey Dial Replica IWC IW378507 Watches

For the cool design style, this replica IWC watch directly attracted a lot of people.
Steel Case Replica IWC

Seeing from outside to the inside, this black strap replica IWC watch all shows the best. For the inside, this one carries a 89361 self-winding movement, with 68 hours power reserve. For the appearance, this fake IWC watch features grey dial setting with silver scale and date display at 6 o’clock position, matching black strap, presenting a visual feast.

These Classical Replica Watches Are Specially Designed For The Men

As a traditional technology, these watches always can show us a lot of surprise, deeply feeling the mechanical force. So, here, I’d like to show you several classical watches. Just feel the charm of these mechanical watches.

Blue Strap Replica IWC IW371446 Watches

As one of the most popular watches of IWC, this fake IWC with the delicate appearance also attracted a lot of people.
Charming Replica IWC

As one of the most popular watches of IWC, this one specially blended the sporty features into the elegant design. For all these elegant replica IWC watches, the accurate chronograph function is necessary. Upon the dial of this replica IWC watch, that sets with two sub-dials, not only showing the clear time display but also presenting the symmetric design.

Black Strap Replica Rolex Cellini Watches

With the concise and elegant appearance, this replica Rolex watch leaves people a deep impression
Steel Case Replica Rolex

For this replica Rolex watch, with the concise and clear dial, that leaves people a deep impression. And at the same time, this white dial fake Rolex watch also deduced the essence of Rolex, using the triangle grooved design and screw-in crown, highlighting all the delicate aesthetics. Inside beats the accurate self-winding movement, with reliable functions.

Let These Exquisite Replica IWC Pilot Worldtimer Watches Show You A Unique Business Trip

A business watch is specially designed for business man just seeing from the name. This kind of watch should wearing with the suits, with concise design style and practical functions, that attracted a lot of attention.

Highlight The High Application Of Universal Time

No matter for the design or the practicability, this white scale fake IWC Pilot Worldtimer watch all can be said as a good watch. Upon the black dial, that decorated with time zone display of 24 cities and day and nigh display, whether for it is day or night, that all provides the strong readability.

A Good Companion For Business Men

Except the delicate appearance, this black dial fake IWC watch also features the convenient functions, cannily showing the mark beside the name of the city when introducing daylight saving time, providing the reliable time.

Charming Replica IWC Watches Are Deducing The Contracted Classic

This is a kind of succinct timepiece, only with two pointers and manual winding movement, without any other decorations. True elegance is an art of choosing the useful. This replica IWC Portofino IW511101 watch gives away visual stimuli, completely just presenting the time.

Delicate Technology Meets Traditional Design

The movement of this white dial fake IWC watch is always famous for lasting power, with 192 hours power reserve, making the whole replica IWC watch sturdy and durable, accurate and reliable.

Classical And Harmonious

This replica IWC watch gives people a feeling of deep and silent, completely showing the pure beauty of watches. The design of the arch watch mirror makes the whole red gold case replica IWC Portofino watch not only so delicate but also manifest the classic model, making the whole design more veiled and elegant.

These Charming Replica IWC Tourbillon Watches Are Unfrequent Now Presenting To You

With the popularity of IWC, people pay more attention to the IWC watches. While as far as I am concerned, a watch that can be said as popular should be with something unique. For that can leave you a deep impression.

As a watch brand which is famous for the pilot watches, the quality of IWC can be said as convincing. While for people who just fond of IWC, the important thing is that there is not too much IWC tourbillon watches.

Rose Gold Case Replica IWC Portugieser Watches

So, here, today, I’d like to show you a kind of IWC tourbillon watch, which comes from Portugieser series, in order to salute to the founder of IWC, Florentine Ariosto Jones, the rose gold case fake IWC Portugieser tourbillon watch.

Black Dial Fake IWC Portugieser Watches

This new replica IWC watch still continues the elegance of the fake IWC tourbillon series, and the setting of tourbillon can be said as to meet the needs of seeing the replica IWC tourbillon watches for the fans.

And inside of this fake IWC watch that is the 98900 self-winding movement, which providing 54 hours power reserve, however, it is a pity that there do not come the classic Jones needles. In any case, it is wonderful that people who like IWC can see its tourbillon, believed that those who love complicated functions would pay more attention to it.

On the Wrist Review: IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph 3865 Replica Watches

It is quite amazing how one person can have such an enduring impact on an industry. It is unparalleled to be so influential that the DNA of their designs are embedded in so many different watches, from a wide array of brands. I, of course, am referring to Gerald Genta. In 1976, after having already penned the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus, Gerald Genta re-designed the Ingenieur for IWC, dubbed the Ingenieur SL.

This was at the height of the “quartz crisis”, however, and the Ingenieur SL was a flop with just about 550 pieces sold.

Evolution of the Ingenieur

Over the years to come, IWC introduced various references of the Ingenieur with quartz and mecha-quartz movements until, finally, the model was again refreshed with an in-house automatic movement in 2005. The evolution continued when in 2013, to mark their partnership with Formula 1 team Mercedes AMG, IWC introduced several models with racing inspired designs and high-tech materials.

These watches ranged from a simple time-only sports watch to serious haute horology with a constant-force tourbillon. It was at this time that IWC also debuted the calendar Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium copy watches, reference 3865. This watch was true to the Formula 1 design ethos with a titanium case and functional bezel screws made from ceramic. However, the standout of this piece, is the double chronograph movement allowing you to time intervals with the press of a rubber-clad pusher.

Powering the Double Chronograph

The movement inside the Ingenieur Double Chronograph is a unique modification of the Valjoux 7750 that is protected by an anti-magnetic soft-iron cage. In 1992 Richard Habring invented a module that would bring the split-second chronograph complication to a much more attainable price level and integrated it to the 7750 calibre. What all this means is you get a reliable, tried and true base movement, that has been through the wringer in countless watches for over 40 years, and a high-end complication to boot. Hard to beat the horological bang-for-your-buck offered here.

If you’re not familiar with the split-second chronograph function, here is an explanation from IWC:

Unlike a standard chronograph, the split-seconds chronograph has two hands that start simultaneously. The rattrapante or split-seconds hand, which is superimposed on the stopwatch hand, can be stopped independently using a third button at “10 o’clock”, while the stopwatch hand continues to run. This permits the user to record two separate times, precisely to the second, within any given minute. If the third button is pushed again, the split-seconds hand instantaneously catches up and is synchronized with the other hand. The process can be repeated as often as desired.

IWC’s design of the chronograph pushers is great in this execution. They are low-profile and shaped to mimic the outline of the case so they are very unobtrusive. In many rattrapante watches the pushers can be a bit gaudy.

The unidirectional winding automatic rotor in the Valjoux 7750 is notorious for it’s characteristic “wobble” and loud clicks as it spins the mainspring up to 44 hours of power reserve. Some collectors find this trait endearing, while others find it quite annoying. Regardless of your point of view on that issue, IWC has somehow managed to eliminate the wobble and almost completely silence the spinning of the rotor, resulting in a smooth and unnoticeable winding operation.

Case Design

After IWC finishes their modifications, the movement is placed inside a 45mm wide, 16mm high case rated to be water resistant to 120 meters. There is no doubt that this is a large sport oriented watch but, fortunately, because of the titanium construction it doesn’t feel oversized and is actually comfortable to wear all day. If the case was steel, you’d certainly need a break at some point. The tapered rubber strap is integrated into the case at an angle that allows it to conform to your wrist with almost no pressure points. I would have preferred a deployant clasp to the tang buckle that comes on the watch but, that is certainly not a show-stopper.

Wearing the Ingenieur

In daily-wear, this really is a fun watch. The silvered three-dimensional dial is far from boring; with black applied indexes that create a stark contrast making it very easy to read the time at a glance. This is further enhanced by the sapphire crystal treated with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. In addition to the split-second function, the chronograph keeps track of time for up to 12 hours via two sub dials, and there is a quick-change day and date indication for good measure. As I alluded to earlier, the chrono pushers, screw-down crown, and crown guards are all clad in rubber, making them easy to grip and use. The  luminescent hands IWC fake wacthes will totally change your life.

I’ve been doing hands-on reviews for a few years now but, I experienced something for the very first time with this watch: I didn’t wear any other watches while I had it. From the moment I received it, to the painful departure when I sent it back, I was obsessed with this watch. IWC has built a surefire winner with this one. A few years ago IWC had the marketing slogan, “Engineered for Men.”

IWC Pilots Chronograph Of Switzerland 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Replica Watches

Watches of Switzerland is an Australian retailer of luxury watches established in 1997 and an official retailer for a number of brands. They were also the original distributor for IWC in Australia up until 2000 when Richemont acquired the brand. So, to celebrate its 20 years in business (see our interview with Watches of Switzerland here), they have teamed up with IWC to produce the Arabic numerals  IWC Pilots Chronograph Watches Of Switzerland 20th Anniversary Limited Edition watch.

This isn’t the first time that Watches of Switzerland has teamed up with IWC to produce a special limited edition watch. They did the same for their 10th anniversary too, which culminated in the Watches of Switzerland Limited Edition Portuguese Chronograph. It was popular thanks to its unique chocolate brown dial, and it helped that it was exclusive to Watches of Switzerland with only 25 pieces produced.

They wanted something similar for their 20th anniversary, and they worked with IWC to create the model you see here. Recognizing the trend of vintage-inspired watches as well as the popularity of IWC’s Pilot’s watches in Australia, they decided to combine the two to create the Watches of Switzerland 20th Anniversary IWC Pilots Chronograph watch.

The brown alligator strasps IWC fake Watches of Switzerland 20th Anniversary IWC Pilots Chronograph watch is based on the popular IWC Pilots Chronograph ref. 3777. Case dimensions are identical, so it comes in a 43mm stainless steel case that measures 15mm thick. Prominent pushers and crown help make operation easy. Water resistance is also unchanged at 60m.

What has changed, however, is the dial. In place of the white hands and markings on the ref. 3777, the Watches of Switzerland 20th Anniversary IWC Pilots Chronograph has patina-colored hands and markers instead. Along with a vintage-looking brown Santoni leather strap, this gives the Watches of Switzerland 20th Anniversary IWC Pilots Chronograph watch an aged look that so many watch lovers and collectors seem to like these days.

Otherwise, the layout and configuration haven’t changed. The main hour and minute hands are still centrally located, as is the chronograph seconds hand, and you still have the 30 and 12-hour chronograph registers at 12 and 6 o’clock respectively. At 9 o’clock, you still have the running seconds in white.

Inside, the Watches of Switzerland 20th Anniversary IWC Pilots Chronograph is powered by the same IWC 79320 Caliber found in the ref. 3777. It is a robust, reliable self-winding chronograph movement that is based on the common Valjoux 7750. It beats at 4Hz and offers around 44 hours of power reserve.

To commemorate this special watch, the Watches of Switzerland 20th Anniversary IWC Pilots Chronograph comes with a commemorative case back that shows the watch’s number in the limited edition series. The case back also has the Watches of Switzerland logo and a special design that celebrates its 20th anniversary.

These charming replica watches that I think a lot of IWC fans, especially those who are also fans of the current vintage-inspired watch trend, will enjoy. They haven’t messed about with the classic good looks of the ref. 3777 and whatever little changes there are have been tastefully implemented. The only problem, however, is that there are only going to be 50 of them.

Cheap IWC Da Vinci Replica Watches For Ladies

The world of high-end watches has always been a playground for men.

Toys for boys: that is the favoured descriptor for the high-tech, complicated gadgets men flaunt on their wrists as status symbols.

This is borne out by the avalanche of models that watch companies trot out for men, compared with the trickle of pieces designed for women.

Things, however, are starting to change. In a market challenged by a turbulent global economy and the advent of smart watches, many brands are tapping into their feminine side.

It is a strategy which is not only necessary, but also critical. The global market for women’s luxury watches, according to Euromonitor, is worth more than US$10 billion (S$13.8 billion) a year. Meanwhile, market analysts Bain & Co estimate the share of female watches in the luxury watch market to be more than 30 per cent.

There are other reasons brands are out to attract women. One is their increased spending power. A study by the Boston Consulting Group predicts that women’s consumer spending will hit US$28 trillion next year.

Women’s taste in copy watches with self-winding movements is also changing. No longer are they interested only in smaller sizes and pretty designs. Many women are gravitating towards pieces which are not just beautiful, but also mechanically complex.

A spike in jewellery sales has also crossed over to the luxury watch market. Women usually treat a luxury watch like a piece of jewellery.

Not surprisingly, watch companies have, of late, started introducing not just models, but even lines targeted at women as well.

Audemars Piguet made a splash with the introduction of its women’s Royal Oak in frosted gold. A. Lange & Sohne made headlines with its Little Lange 1 Moon Phase, which packs complex mechanics in a feminine rose-gold case; and Piaget launched Limelight Stella, which boasts its first complication designed for women.

IWC Da Vinci Replica Watches With White Dials
IWC Da Vinci Replica Watches With White Dials

And then there is IWC Schaffhausen, which recently turned its Engineered For Men tagline on its head with the new Da Vinci collection. The range is an update of the first iconic IWC Da Vinci fake watch, released in 1969.

The collection has 14 models. Eight are targeted at women, two are unisex models and the rest are for men.

Ms Franziska Gsell, IWC’s chief marketing officer, said: “With the Da Vinci Collection, we are trying to anchor the brand in the minds of women, who account for a significant proportion of watch lovers.”

The brand embarked on this approach in 2014 when it launched the Portofino 37 collection. A huge hit, the collection included watches designed for smaller wrists.

At the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie trade show in Geneva in January, the watchmaker ditched its traditionally masculine booth for a palace to unveil the Da Vinci replica watches with steel or golden cases.

The timepieces had their Southeast Asian launch last week in Bangkok, at the inauguration of the Da Vinci Exhibition at Siam Paragon mall. Supermodel and IWC ambassador Karolina Kurkova opened the exhibition, which showcases historical timepieces from the brand’s archives – including the Lady’s Wristwatch from 1967 and Lady Chronograph from 1995 – as well as the new pieces from the Da Vinci collection.

The two key women’s exquiste IWC fake watches – of which there are several references or variations – in this collection are the Da Vinci Automatic 36 and Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36. Both are 36mm in diameter.

Like the Portofino, the Automatic 36 is feminine, with rounded crowns and a recessed inner circle on the dial. The movable lug makes for a comfortable fit around the wrist.

There are different versions ranging from $8,150 to $57,300. One has a bezel set with 54 diamonds totalling just under a carat. Others come in gold cases or leather straps in colours such as raspberry and bronze.

IWC’s signature moon phase display takes visual centre stage in the Automatic Moon Phase 36, priced from $12,900 to $24,800.

The moon, in gold or silver, moves clockwise against a dark blue sky. The watch comes with a Caliber 35800 and automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

Like the Automatic 36, it also has Da Vinci’s “the flower of life” pattern engraved on the case back and comes with IWC’s new butterfly clasp. The clasp has three fold-out wings, so the wearer can take off the watch without opening the strap or bracelet.

Women who prefer something bigger can opt for the 40mm Da Vinci Automatic. Designed as a unisex watch, it has a minimalist dial with large Arabic figures and Lancet-shaped hands.

Although women come first, men have not been forgotten. Also part of the IWC collection are the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph and Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph.

The Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is the first watch from IWC to combine the well-known mechanical chronograph with a perpetual moon-phase display on a subdial in a new complication module.

The Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph, meanwhile, has an unusual combination of a classic tourbillon with a retrograde date and a sporty chronograph on a single dial.

Finally, the collection includes the Da Vinci Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport For Good Foundation, a special edition with part of the proceeds going to the Laureus foundation. The organisation helps youth overcome social issues such as violence and discrimination.

In keeping with tradition, this timepiece comes with an etched reproduction of a child’s drawing in an annual competition run by Laureus. The drawing is a self-portrait by Hou Ye, a 12-year-old Paralympian at the Special Olympics East Asia.